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Diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, Bianca attempts to rescue her kidnapped children while being hunted for a murder she didn't commit...

My Story

K.B. Richards was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York where he began writing as a child. Later on, life as a fine artist, work in the entertainment industry, and studies in psychology helped nurture and cultivate his creative expansion into a riveting psychological page-turner. Richards delves into his protagonist’s fractured mind as well as his reader’s for an unforgettable roller coaster experience. He writes in the mornings, has a dog named Burger, and is a coffee, pizza, and bourbon aficionado. The Gallucci Gallery is his first novel.

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“This psychological thriller is loaded with fantastic characters and unpredictable ups and downs.”

Books for Tanmay

"The Gallucci Gallery  is a swift-paced urban thriller with an original storyline. It stands out for its tense, suspenseful plot driven by interesting complex characters and its intriguing and unexpected scenes and plot. It's an extraordinary novel and comes highly recommended ."

Chick Lit Café

"The best psychological thriller I've read to date! The narration is fantastic and the author has mastered the art of creative writing." 

Bookpedia Marketing

“Very hard to put this one down. If you're looking for an eerily chilling and crazy read, this one's for you!”






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