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The End of May Book Cover –– Manhattanhenge

The End of May

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The Gallucci Gallery



The End of May

The Gallucci Gallery


I read the original book, and just completed the revised version. I loved the book both times. So happy the way the story ended for the main character. The author of The End of May is brilliant, can't wait for his next book to be complete. Would recommend this book for sure!

If you're looking for a satisfyingly edgy summer read, look no further! This book was a heart-starter from the beginning! It was a fascinating experience to be able to witness the main character's development throughout the novel...and what a remarkable finish! I can't wait to see what else the author has up his sleeve for future works!

At first, I felt this story was a bit slow but it really picked up and kept my attention. For being a first-time novel I thought this author did an excellent job. I would recommend this story and would not hesitate to read his next novel!

Debra Werley,







New York based writer K. B. Richards––well known for his ability to bring his complex characters to life, has gained considerable popularity for his latest work, The End of May.

A writer of literary fiction and psychological suspense, Richards has been described as a ‘visual and diverse writer.’ His stories are filled with exceptional detail––tapping your intellectuality, all-the-while prodding your curiosity with his refreshing style.

With the literary talent of having thousands of books distributed across the country, Richards fell in love with writing because, “It allowed me to learn a deep and undiscovered territory within myself. I soon discovered the unlimited and vast capabilities of my imagination,” Richards says. To him, writing isn’t just about creativity, it’s about expansion and self-expression. Richards started writing because, like, many he had a story to tell––a story he believed many could relate to. “The moment I had a complete mapped-out storyline for The End of May, my creativity overflowed. There were no barriers for me.”

Richards has appeared in numerous interview platforms such as Young Boss Media and Katie Makes Friends. In addition to writing, Richards is also a lover of architecture, science, sports and art. He finds the art of storytelling to be thrilling and exciting. “We all have a story to tell whether fact of fiction, and I adore inspiring people through my work,” says Richards.

He can often be found writing at home, Starbucks or at a local library in Manhattan, absorbing the inspiration that encompasses him. Richards’ writing is often a reflection of his life experiences, hardships, and his loved ones who inspired and changed his life. “Chase your dreams without waver and use your life experiences as fuel to drive you toward your destination,” he added.

In addition to The End of May, Richards worked on many other pieces such as the widely acclaimed ‘Fireworks for Francine’ and ‘Hollander.’ Be on the lookout for many upcoming thrilling dramas from Richards. His next novel, the Gallucci Gallery, a psychological thriller is due to be released in 2021.


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